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Hi, does anyone have experience in the role of product manager or product owner? How do they differ from each other?

Dec 26, 2023

Yes, there is experience with both Product Manager (PM) and Product Owner (PO). In a nutshell, the differences between the two are focus and responsibilities. The Product Manager usually covers more broadly the strategic vision of the product, works on its development in the market and interacts with various stakeholders. He is responsible for creating a long-term strategy, understanding the market and competitors. The product owner, on the other hand, manages the product development process more quickly. He clarifies requirements, works with the development team, decides on prioritizing product functionality, and makes sure the team works on the most valuable tasks. If you want to understand this topic in more detail, I recommend you to pay attention to Romtos resource, they provide a description of product-owner-vs-project-manager .



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