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Best Free AI Text-to-Video Generator Apps: A Marketer's Guide to Creating Faceless YouTube and TikTok Videos

Updated: Feb 28

Photo AI-generated using Canva Magic Media (Online Text-to-Image App)
Photo AI-generated using Canva Magic Media (Online Text-to-Image App)

By now everybody probably has their best AI text-to-image, and image-to-video tool, but what’s your best AI Text-to-video tool so far?

Today we talk about the Best Free AI Text-to-Video Generator tools. I am sure you have heard of Sora, Open AI’s new model that creates Super realistic videos from simple Text instructions. But at the time of this writing, OpenAI hasn’t fully released Sora to the general public. So let’s talk about the already known AI-powered Video production tools like InVideo, Veed, Vidyo, Fliki, Canva, FlexClip, among others in this article.

We still have to acknowledge Google’s AI Bard now Gemini AI. If you are a crypto person you might know Gemini, the crypto trading app (that don’t work in Uganda), we are talking about Gemini AI-the chat to supercharge your ideas. It’s no doubt Google is working on an advanced text-to-video model to compete with Elon Musk backed Sora AI app. But I think that’s a topic for another day.

Before we get started with the Best AI Text-to-video production platforms, How many of you have been using CapCut, or Canva but didn’t know they are actually using a lot of AI. Or even TikTok, some people don’t know that AI is used to apply various facial effects like glasses, and caps.

If you still have questions about AI and how it works, check out our last article about Artificial Intelligence, Large Language Models (LLM), a type of artificial intelligence (AI) program that can recognize and generate text, among other tasks, among other terms.

We also talked about the Best AI tools for Creativity. That should be enough to give you a clue on the AI topics like text-to-speech or text-to-image, before getting confused with AI text-to-video models.

Best Free AI Text-to-Video Generator Apps

Sora has answered the question, whether AI will take away our jobs? Which is one of the reasons you need to learn how these tools work. Perhaps if we can’t beat it, we join it, or work with it. I mean AI. So, let’s dive into the Best AI Text-to-video tools that could help you put AI-driven dialogue in your videos, speed up your YouTube or TikTok video content production and get your Agency work done faster.

1. InVideo AI (Text-to-Film Seamless Video Creation)

InVideo AI Tutorial for Beginners — The AI Video Creation Tool for Content Creators

Using InVideo advanced AI app, with Seamless Video creation, they call it text-to-film, you can enter any topic and a script will be generated for you, scenes created, voiceovers, and if that is not enough, you have a user-friendly interface to tweak the video, however you like, still using text commands or prompts. You can call them text instructions.

InVideo’s AI seamless video creation App makes it effortlessly simple to turn your ideas into videos instantly, and create content your audience will engage with. Invideo editor is a complete video creation solution in one tool, enabling you to edit the text, tweak your video with text commands, edit transitions with a library of free and paid transitions to choose from.

Don’t forget about the thousands of Pre-designed Video templates provided, and the 16 million plus library of Stock photos and videos from iStock by Getty Images, Shutterstock, and Storyblocks media made discoverable with AI. Let’s just put these in bullet form to make it easy for those scheming through Medium content.

Why Choose InVideo AI for Video Creation?

  • Turn any Idea into Video instantly with InVideo AI online video maker.

  • Generate scenes automatically.

  • Tweak video with text commands.

  • Intuitive video editing tools to change transitions easily.

  • Human-Sounding voiceovers.

  • Collaborative video editing in real-time with multiplayer editing.

  • InVideo AI Mobile app for a flexible creative workflow.

  • Make animated text videos.

  • Perfect Social media video marketing solution.

  • 24x7 human support and access to the Discord community.

This and more we have discussed when talking about InVideo pricing in our last post on my website, LinkedIn profile, and on my Medium account.

2. Fliki — Text-to-speech and Text-to-video Software

Fliki Text-to-Speech Text-to-Video Online Editor Screenshot
Fliki Text-to-Speech Text-to-Video Online Editor Screenshot

Fliki was mostly known for text-to-speech. But it’s surprisingly one of the best text-to-video creation software. It helps you create visually captivating videos with professional-grade voiceovers, using their all-in-one online AI simple editor. Very powerful Text-to-Video conversion technology.

Their latest AI video generation feature is called Magic Create. It allows you to generate AI videos with dynamic visual storytelling, convert a blog post into a video in no time. Fliki automatically picks videos and images from the stock library or AI generated media to put together various scenes and voiceovers for your video.

Why use Fliki Magic Create?

  • Idea to Video— Turn idea prompts into stunning videos with interactive video creation and Animated text videos.

  • PPT to Video — Turn PowerPoint presentations (PPTs) into AI videos.

  • Tweet to Video — Turn your Tweets into engaging videos.

  • Voice Cloning — Voiceover customization by uploading a sample audio.

  • Product to Video — Turn your eCommerce product page content into sales promo videos with visual content creation.

  • Blog to Video — Turn your articles into AI videos by providing a link to a well structured blog post. You can choose the duration of your video up to 15 minutes.

In addition, while using the Fliki Magic Create AI feature, you can add AI avatars for your intro or outro scenes, it automatically picks for you sound effects based on the scene content, and even auto pick animated stickers for your scenes. You can edit this by clicking and selecting the element you want to edit within Fliki’s simple editor. Once done, download a high-resolution video in MP4 format easily sharable on your Social Media channels or ready to present to your Boss.

I have personally found Fliki to be a super efficient tool for YouTube shorts and AI TikTok videos. Also if you know Speechify, Fliki is a free speechify alternative. One of the best ai text to video generator apps.

By now you should know how to use tools like these, if you are still having difficulties navigating tools like Fliki, you should definitely check out my YouTube channel where I show how to use various AI software tools like this one, CapCut Video Editor, Canva for social media graphics, FlexClip, InVideo, WIX AI Website builder, ChatGPT, Anyword and many more.

3. Canva — Elevate your designs with AI-powered apps

Canva is mostly known as an online graphic design platform for creating social media posts in various formats and sizes. Canva also does graphic design for print on demand businesses and all sorts of videos, with AI Text-to-video creation, professional video editing from customizable pro-made video templates, professional AI PowerPoint presentations powered by Open AI D-ID app integration, social media posts as mentioned earlier, business cards, flyers, 3D art, and a lot more.

In my own experience, I used Adobe Photoshop for professional graphic design projects and Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing for more than 3 years. I think Canva is faster and perfect for short-form content as well as add text to video free online.

10 Best AI Tools to Spark Your Creativity and Boost your Productivity

Learn more about Canva AI-powered features in our last post. You can also check out my free Udemy course, and free YouTube course through my website.

What else makes Canva So Special?

If you know ad-ons, or extensions, or plugins, just like you can add extensions in your web browser like Google Chrome extensions or Brave software, you can actually have plugins or extensions within Canva. In Canva, they are refered to as Apps.

For example, for photo generation, you can use Canva’s AI photo generator apps in the Text to Image category, DALL·E by OpenAI, and Imagen by Google Cloud. Both at the top of online text-to-image and AI-art generation game.

Another example of Canva apps, or extensions, is the Pixabay and Pexels plugins or ad-ons that give you Unlimited access to millions of high-quality photos, and videos from these websites right within Canva editor. This is the easiest way to get Free stock footage in Canva.

Let’s list the rest of the Special Canva AI-powered features that you need to take note of below.

More Canva AI-Powered features.

  • Free AI image generator — Produce AI-generated images and art with a text prompt.

  • Magic Design — Auto-generate designs with Magic Design and get refined templates based on your text and media.

  • AI Presentation maker — Build an impressive presentation by simply typing a prompt and discover inspiring ideas. Uses Magic Design.

  • AI Voice Generator —Canva has the MurfAI software, one of the best text-to-speech online tools to create realistic voiceovers based on your content.

Beginners in Canva should check out this post, I put together all the videos you need to get started with Canva in one post. Follow those step-by-step to go from Beginner to pro in Canva graphic design and creative video editing.

4. — Fast, Free, AI Online Video Editor

Veed io Fast Free Online Video Editor Platform Screenshot
Veed io Fast Free Online Video Editor Platform Screenshot

Perfect for your marketing and social media vertical videos. is a Free AI video editor with text to video using custom avatars and stock media, auto-subtitles to add text to your video automatically, voice translations and more. If you forget to mention something during your recording, you can record it in Veed, use it to edit and share your videos online direct to your social media channels.

Veed is actually bigger than you might think. Besides having templates, and Brand Kit for custom fonts and other Brand assets, you can use Veed to scale your brand, YouTube, TikTok channel, or Vlog with Spaces — more like Teams in Canva Pro but free. It’s one of the best ai text to video generator apps I have come across.

Let’s list some of the AI features that make Veed io a powerful AI-powered video creation software tool and a top choice when it comes to social media marketing content. Website and App main Features

  • Magic Cut — Get a professional edit in one click. Remove silences, filler words, and multiple takes.

  • AI Avatar video — Use an AI avatar to create faceless videos with Text-to-video conversion.

  • Veed Auto Captions — Automatically generate captions for your YouTube videos, TikTok, X, Instagram, Facebook or upload a subtitle file (SRT).

  • Veed Spaces — This is a cloud-based video collaboration platform for organizing projects and assigning staff to specific folders.

  • Record Screen & Camera — Use your presentations with your Webcam, or record your screen and use a Camera if you don’t use an AI avatar.

  • Duplicate & Resize for Social media — Create different versions of your video with just one single click by choosing the size or destination platform.

Veed io Fast Free Online Video Editor Pricing plans Screenshot
Veed io Fast Free Online Video Editor Pricing plans Screenshot

Before I forget, some of these features are not completely free. But you will get away with some really great explainer, educational, or training videos with your free plan. Premium Plans start from $12 per month.

In fact, one of the paid features that’s worth a pay is the Custom Avatar, it allows you to create videos of yourself just by typing a prompt. Veed can help you create a realistic clone of your face and voice, and you can use that to create realistic videos of yourself talking, so realistic that you won’t need to record another video with your Camera or edit mistakes.

If that is not enough, Veed io has a help center full of YouTube video tutorials for Beginners to Advanced users.

By the way, I will be uploading tutorial on my YouTube, so make sure you stay alert by Subscribing to my channel and clicking on the bell notifications so that you are notified when the next AI video is released. Subscribe here.

5. FlexClip — Generate AI Videos from Texts & Templates for Free

FlexClip is an AI-powered video maker and editor for everyone. It’s one of those Free AI video makers that allows you to edit & generate any video online using the power of AI text-to-video creation. You can start by getting ideas from AI video templates to create compelling video content for various use cases including business marketing, personal learning, educational videos, and explainer videos.

FlexClip Features for AI Video Production
  • AI Text-to-video — Make videos from AI by simply describing the content you would like to create. You can also use customizable video templates.

  • AI Blog to Video — Extract content from page URLs or text instructions to turn your blog post into videos in a flash.

  • AI Auto Subtitle — Automatically generate subtitles for your videos with AI subtitle generator.

  • AI Background Remover — FlexClip AI cutout tool removes image background and allows you to replace a custom background online.

So you see most of these are user-friendly AI video editing features very similar to the ones in Magic Studio by Canva. Also the user interfaces for most of these online Graphic design and video editing tools are similar in some way. Once you get familiar in either one of these 5 tools so far, you can easily navigate and get around the others.

FlexClip pricing Plans start at $16 per month as it provides more Video editing tools, more customizable video and text templates. Plus 30 GB of storage for your videos and photos, custom branding, and custom fonts for collaborative video editing, among other paid benefits.

Other AI Creative Video Production Tools

Let’s list the rest of the common tools. Some of these were mostly known for text-to-image but they are slowly moving to text-to-video. We won’t discuss Midjourney, but we know they are soon launching their text-to-video. And of course, we expect something from Microsoft Bing AI as well.

6. D-ID — The #1 Choice for AI Generated Video Creation Platform

Image to AI Video using Chat D-ID Open AI Chat GPT App

The Creative Reality Studio by D-ID offers one of the most robust set of generative AI tools to produce quality, cost-effective, and engaging videos from plain text easy and fast. It features digital people, utilizing the power of text-to-image to allow you create amazing and cutting-edge images for your AI Avatar videos for either educational purposes, onboarding or training, even corporate communications. More about D-ID in our previous post.

You can easily access the D-ID’s Creative Reality studio using their AI video generator app. You can use your own photo to convert photo-to-video and make professional power point presentations (photorealistic presenter videos) or use D-ID’s text-to-image technology to generate a custom avatar at a click of a button. Enter your own text or use video scripting with ChatGPT.

And now with Chat D-ID, you can have Face-to-Face conversations with ChatGPT adding a human touch to AI, powered by D-ID’s advanced capabilities in facial animation, LLM and NLP.

D-ID refers to this as the Natural User Interface (NUI), it allows humans to have face-to-face conversations with AI Chatbots without typing anything or clicking the mouse. If you are wondering, D-ID pricing plans start from $6 per month, More about that in the next post.

7. Speechify — Best AI Voice Generator, Text To Speech, & Best AI text to video generator app!

Speechify is the #1 rated AI text to speech app trusted by 25 million plus listeners. With Snoop Dogg and Mr. Beast’s voices in their library, Speechify uses Voice cloning to simplify complex speech. It has over 250,000 5 star reviews, a Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser extensions, as well as an Android, iOS, and Mac apps.

And since listening is a faster way to read, You can use Speechify to read to you book content, eBooks, and podcasts to help double your reading as well as for a natural reading experience.

Speechify Studio on the other hand, helps you turn any text into high-quality videos with AI avatars and human-sounding voiceovers to create polished videos without actors or equipment in minutes.

More about Speechify Text-to-Video studio in another post. In the meantime, you can learn more from the Speechify Studio Academy. If you are looking for a Speechify free alternative, I think Fliki is a good one.

8. Vidyo — AI Powered Video Repurposing

Vidyo AI Onilne Video Repurposing tool Screenshot
Vidyo AI Onilne Video Repurposing tool Screenshot

Vidyo is mostly known as an AI based content repurposing tool with advanced video enhancement technology. Repurposing means reusing content you have already created. You can effortlessly get social ready clips, cut & captioned by AI using Vidyo. Save time and money. For example, you can repurpose long form podcasts and videos into short viral clips for TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

You can even repurpose your Zoom webinars to expand your reach, increase engagement and boosting discoverability.

Some of Vidyo AI features include Auto-Video captioning, enhanced AI-Video editing with Intelliclips for intelligent video processing, Virality predictor with score, CutMagic with AI-powered video enhancement and automated video editing to effortlessly edit multi-cam and complex videos.

Some of Vidyo AI Applications include Repurposing Podcasts, Automated video editing for small businesses, Marketers, and Agencies. It has all the Video editing and graphic design features you need, like adding custom brand templates & brand kit intros and outros, a royalty-free stock library for High-quality images, videos & audios with AI video enhancement for storytelling, AI descriptions, more in another post.

Vidyo AI pricing starts from $30 per month with access to Publish and schedule social media posts to Tiktok, Instagram Reels, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.

9. Hour One — Gen AI Video Creator for Business Growth

HourOne AI-Powered Video Editor Tool Screenshot
HourOne AI-Powered Video Editor Tool Screenshot

Easily Create professional videos with Hour One Text-to-Video AI-powered Video generator. Enter a single line of text to generate a video using the Video Wizard and use Real-time video editing before Downloading or sharing your video to Social media. Use your own script or use the dedicated AI Script Assistant (The Script Wizard). You can also use your own photos or use the dedicated AI-image generator.

Hour One app has a library of realistic virtual human AI Video avatars you can choose from, or create your own custom character by uploading an image. You can turn PDF documents and PPTs (Power Point Presentations) into top-quality video in minutes. You can add crystal-clear captions and AI-generated media to your videos in seconds. All this with no editing skills whatsoever.

The Hour One script wizard uses a GPT-3 integration, as do many other AI text-to-speech, and text-to-image tools we have covered in this article and our other previous posts.

10. Opus — AI-powered Video Repurposing

OpusClip AI Video Editing Online web screenshot
OpusClip AI Video Editing Online web screenshot

Opus is another AI Content repurposing tool. Opus Clip, the smartest AI video clipping tool turns long videos into high-quality viral clips for you to share on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Reels to increase social media reach, increase your brand presence and business leads. It even has the virality score to help see which content is most likely to go viral.

Once you sign up, you get a free trial of Opus Pro with 90 free credits valid for 7 days with full access to the full range of AI features like AI generated b-roll footage, viral caption templates with AI-driven video design, and many other features, except fast queue and auto post. Plans tart from $9 per month.

Opus can be used to produce content like Podcasts, Educational videos, Commentaries videos, Product reviews, Motivational speeches. It supports uploading content from video links of YouTube, Google Drive, Zoom, Vimeo, Rumble, Stream Yard, public mp4 url and local video (up to 30GB per video) for Pro users.

11. HeyGen — AI Video Creator Tool

HeyGen AI Video Creator Tool Screenshot
HeyGen AI Video Creator Tool Screenshot

HeyGen is an innovative video platform that harnesses the power of generative AI to streamline your video creation process. Make your digital teacher videos in minutes, as easy as making PowerPoints. Its fit for all use cases and roles including Marketer, Design Agency, Business owner, for industries like Medical and Health, and many more.

You can use HeyGen AI Script generator to create scripts for entertainment videos, eLearning and social media content, Meta Ads, and business marketing promotions. It also has Spaces like Teams for Canva. So Canva is a perfect HeyGen alternative as well.

Let’s continue to talk more HeyGen AI features and other AI-Powered tools in the next articles to come.


This is just an introduction, Open AI’s release of ChatGPT changed content creation and Sora definitely change video production with AI-powered video creation. And now with all these AI video creation platforms, it’s alarming but great to know that Automated conversational video production for High-Quality videos is actually possible using the power of Artificial Intelligence, LLM (Large Language Model), and NLP.

It’s important to note that most of these AI features are enabled by Open AI API ChatGPT Features, an API document is provided for each and everyone of the AI website or app mentioned in this article. A document you can review for yourself that includes the breakdown of the code used and all the app features.

Another very cool common feature in these AI apps worth mentioning is the ability to post your AI-generated video content without leaving these apps. Most of them have Auto posting or Post scheduling on all major social channels.

In the next few articles, we will cover more AI-powered text-to-video, text-to-image, image-to-video, and text-to-speech tools to help you boost productivity and speed up your content production while helping you expand your reach, and improve your social media engagement with AI-driven storytelling and dialogue in your videos.

See you in the next one. Follow here.

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