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Best Unlimited Data Bundles in Uganda From LycaMobile to Zuku Fiber. How much is Unlimited WiFi UG

If you are looking for the cheapest data bundles in Uganda, feel free to review our previous post.

If you want to cut expenses on unlimited internet bundles, sit tight, in this post, we discuss in detail, the Best Unlimited data bundles provided by the best internet service providers in Uganda, East Africa, and Africa at large.

As we wait for SpaceX’s Starlink Satellite internet, you might be wondering, How much is unlimited Wi-Fi in Uganda? Which is the best unlimited home internet in Uganda? What is the best unlimited MTN bundle? Same goes for Airtel users, Liquid Telecom, Smile Communications, and most people’s favorite, Lycamobile, among others.

Not to worry, find your answers all in this post.

What is the difference between Unlimited and Forever bundles?

Before we start, it’s important to note that the MTN (Forever) Freedom bundles or the Smile forever bundles, are not to be confused with the Unlimited data bundles. Unlimited means you are not limited by how much data you use while Forever Bundles which Airtel calls Chillax Bundles means you can use your bundle until it’s used up.

Unlimited bundles will have an expiry date (Monthly, Weekly, Daily), while the forever bundles don’t expire, you basically use the package until it’s over.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Data Bundles

Broadband — the transmission of wide bandwidth data over a high speed internet connection allowing transportation of multiple signals and messages to be sent simultaneously. Usually at the minimum of 3–26Mbps.

4G —4G is the short name for fourth-generation wireless, the stage of broadband mobile communications with more speeds than 3G. Most data bundles now support a 4GB enabled sim card which can be gotten from any specific telecom’s Customer Care service center across Uganda.

Data Cap — A data cap (also known as bandwidth cap) is a service provider-imposed limit on the amount of data transferred by a user account.

FUP (Fair Usage Policy) —This basically governs the use of data by a customer of the broadband wireless network services provided by a given Telecom company.

OTT — in full form it’s over-the-top. It’s a media service offered directly to viewers via the Internet. It’s the cheapest means of accessing television and film content (movies) over the internet sometimes via Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, among others.

The Best Unlimited Data Bundles in Uganda

So sometimes Unlimited internet is not really “unlimited” as some telecom companies in Uganda have data caps and FUPs on their data bundles. Below, let’s discuss the available “Unlimited” internet bundles available in Uganda.

1. Lycamobile

In the last post, we discussed the best and cheapest data bundles for starters, and I think Lycamobile should have been on top of the list for reason being , they offer the cheapest data bundles in Uganda.

But if you use Lycamobile, you will notice that in some areas around Uganda, it becomes difficult to get a network coverage. And that’s why I didn’t give it the first position. But I actually love Lycamobile, and I am lucky enough that in most of the areas I visit around Uganda, I am able to get some good network.

Can you believe that Lycamobile works in Fort Portal near Mountain Rwenzori. Almost near. I was in a place called Kibiito. The lowest peak. I heard to get a better view you need to be in Kasese. That’s also where you can find the highest peak with ice.

Lowest peak of Mountain Rwenzori, Photo taken on my Google Pixel.
Lowest peak of Mountain Rwenzori, Photo taken on my Google Pixel.

Plus, Lycamobile in my opinion is the most stable network I have ever used in Uganda. Like it can be stable for 24 hours straight. Where have you seen that? Well, I guess the userbase is not huge enough to destabilize the network.

Anyways, today we are discussing the best unlimited internet bundles. And even though Lycamobile does not actually offer unlimited internet, for those just getting started and can afford to use less than 3 GB a day, Lycamobile’s UG Giga of 100GB at Only 50,000 Uganda Shillings is the monthly (Unlimited) data package you have been looking for.

Lycamobile Data Bundles — Screenshot

The speed is moderate, 3Mbps. I once used Lycamobile to stream 2 hours on YouTube in Ntinda, and guess what? The quality still HD. No buffering at all.

2. Roke Telkom Free Internet

Roke Telkom Business Internet — Screenshot
Roke Telkom Business Internet — Screenshot

Have you heard of Roke Telecom’s Free internet? All Roke Plus Data Bundles come with FREE Internet All Night (7pm to 7am) and All Weekend with Roke Plus Unlimited data packages. With speeds of 2 to 10Mbps charging an installation fee of UGX 300,000.

The Roke Telkom Installation is in 3 Steps: Choose a plan, Wait for Installation, Enjoy your new Broadband connection! To understand how to get the Roke Telkom Free Internet, you will need to understand the 3 Roke Telkom data bundles.

Roke Telkom Unlimited Data Bundles

Roke at Home— This allows you to enjoy Free internet All night and All weekend with Roke Plus data bundles. Prices range between UGX 112,000 and 280,000 for 60 to 150GB Quota or a custom pricing for No Quota.

Roke On the Go —Wi-Fi service that greatly amplifies accessibility and affordability of the Internet for users all around Uganda. Prices range between UGX 1,200 daily and UGX 24,000 monthly. With over 600 Rokespots countrywide, you can access the Rokespot Wi-Fi service in malls, hostels, restaurants, among other public places. Roke Telkom Partnered With Meta Platforms (Facebook) in October, 2020 to bring this High Speed Internet service to millions of Ugandans through the Express Wi-Fi initiative.

Roke Protect — This is like a VPN service and at the same time data package that gives you control of your internet experience. You can block online threats, stay private by blocking ads, and more. Prices range between UGX 112,000 and 280,000 for 60 to 150GB Quota or a custom pricing for No Quota. Again Roke Telkom speeds are between 2 to 10Mbps.

Roke Plus Bundles with Free Interent — Screenshot
Roke Plus Bundles with Free Interent — Screenshot

Roke Telkom Data Bundles with Free Unlimited Internet

  • Rokespot vouchers — UGX1200 daily, UGX6400 weekly, and UGX24000 monthly but does not include the Free all night & weekend internet.

  • Roke Classic — 60GB for Ugx 112,000 at UGX 112,000 per month.

  • Roke Unlimited Plus — 150GB for Ugx 280,000 at UGX 280,000/month.

  • Roke Mega Plus — 450GB for Ugx 728,000 at UGX112,000 per month.

  • Roke Enterprise (For Businesses) —Custom Pricing on request.

Roke Telkom Payment Methods

Use *252*6*2*1# then select a voucher of your choice, Mobile money will then prompt you for a payment. Roke Plus Data bundles come with Roke Protect which is the service that protects you from online threats among other benefits.

3. Liquid Telecom Uganda Data Packages

Liquid Telecom Uganda Data Packages — Screenshot
Liquid Telecom Uganda Data Packages — Screenshot

All you need with Liquid Telecom Internet is an antenna and a WiFi Router that creates a wireless home or office network and Wi-Fi hotspot and you are connected to Ultra fast, unlimited internet. Like Unlimited. No BS.

An installation fee of 120,000 Uganda Shillings is required then monthly fees.

The package comes with a Free TP-Link Router for your Home WIFI. Speeds between 20 — 100Mbps. They have a fairly stable internet connection for someone who works on cloud. But if you want Optical fiber connection with up to 1 Gbps, you will need to request the Broadband devices. Additional Ethernet ports for wired LAN connections apply.

Whether you want to interact with your audience on Social Media, browse the internet, watch your favorite movies, stream, or download YouTube videos, Liquid Home has the ultra fast, unlimited and affordable internet packages just for you. You get to enjoy 24/7 access to high speed internet, broadband, TV, gaming and interactive connectivity on your smart devices.

How to Pay for Liquid Telecom in Uganda

Liquid Telecom payments include Airtel or MTN Mobile money. You can check out the Liquid Telecom Uganda Data packages here.

4. Smile Unlimited Data Plans in Uganda

Smile Unlimited Data Plans Uganda — Screenshot
Smile Unlimited Data Plans Uganda — Screenshot

Smile Communications, like other telecom companies in Uganda, have a Fair Usage Policy (FUP), which restricts their data speed after a user reaches a certain number of GBs of data used.

This is Very IMPORTANT to understand, because the first time I ever bought the Unlimited Smile internet bundle, I thought Unlimited is basically unlimited in data and speed. I didn’t know about Data Caps or FUPs.

For example, the speed cuts down to 512Kbps after a certain data cap. Some data plans go as low in speed as 128Kbps, basically useless, can’t even load a page. This applies for all the Smile unlimited data bundles in Uganda; Smile Unlimited Gold Daily data plan, Unlimited Essential PLUS, Unlimited Premium PLUS, and Unlimited Platinum PLUS, respectively.

You will buy a Smile Unlimited data bundle with a data cap or with a FUP.

How to Pay for Smile Internet

You can use the MySmile app to purchase a Snack data bundle to bypass the FUP. You can also use the MySmile app to Check your balance (Airtime, Data, and Voice minutes), recharge data bundles, voice bundles, airtime, and pay on the app. You can also share airtime with your other Smile Numbers, convert airtime to data bundles or voice bundles, among others.

The MySmile app is available for Android and iOS. You will need your SmileNumber or Username and Password to login to your MySmile Portal.

Smile Unlimited Internet Bundles — Screenshot
Smile Unlimited Internet Bundles — Screenshot

Smile Unlimited Data Plans & Fair Usage

Unlimited Essential — After 27GB, speed goes down to 128Kbps

Unlimited Essential PLUS — After 45GB, speed goes down to 512Kbps

Unlimited Premium PLUS— After 85GB, speed goes down to 512Kbps

Unlimited Platinum PLUS— After 150GB, speed goes down to 512Kbps

Again, you can use Snack bundles to remove the limits from your Smile Unlimited data plans. Note that some bundles can only be purchased via the portal, but you can also purchase data plans from Smile shops, kiosks and direct sales representatives.

Snack Bundles validity being dynamic it means that it will adapt the same validity as your current active Unlimited data bundle. More info here.

5. Airtel Uganda Unlimited Bundles

Airtel Data Bundles — Screenshot
Airtel Data Bundles — Screenshot

Airtel is one of Uganda’s leading internet providers of prepaid, postpaid mobile, & 4G services that allows you to recharge your prepaid mobile data & pay your postpaid bills online.

The Airtel Uganda Unlimited Bundles as with most telecom companies, comes with FREE Sim Card offering Airtel 4G postpaid plans, with a lot of extra benefits. It is a guaranteed and an affordable solution for homes, small and medium enterprises that is fast and reliable on 4G internet connectivity. Mostly used by postpaid and hybrid customers on the Airtel network at speeds starting from 2Mbps.

Airtel Uganda Unlimited Bundles (30 Days)

Regular — UGX 179,000 for 1GB per day FUP

Super — UGX 330,000 for 3GBs per day FUP

Night (Midnight to 6am)— UGX 99,000 for 3GBs per 6 Hours from Midnight

Tip: Roger from Techjaja has more info among other sites.

If you are a person that keeps up to date with the latest Unlimited mobile internet deals, comparing Lycamobile, Smile Unlimited Internet bundles, MTN Unlimited Data, Airtel Uganda unlimited bundles might be a thing that takes your time, especially if you own an Airtel 4G Pocket MiFi.

But you can still get good unlimited mobile internet deals with the (Chillax Bundles) Airtel Internet bundles that don’t expire. They have one for 40GB at UGX 100,000. If you use 1GB per day, this is just enough for a month.

How to Check Data Balance on Airtel Uganda MiFi

By the way, you can use your the myAirtel mobile app or any Airtel Money outlet or Agent to purchase an Airtel Uganda Unlimited data bundle, Airtime or Voice bundles. It’s the same app that you can use to check data balance.

Tip: If you read our last post, you will learn more about The Cheapest internet service provider in Uganda as well as the Best Mobile Unlimited Internet Provider. We listed various data bundles from different ISPs in Uganda.

6. Zuku Fiber Internet Packages Uganda

Zuku Fiber Internet Tripple Play — Screenshot
Zuku Fiber Internet Tripple Play — Screenshot

Talking about deals, and Unlimited internet access, Zuku Fiber offers what they call Triple Play. Triple Play is Internet Bundles, Digital TV, and Phone subscription all in one package. It comes with a Free Installation, 56 to 96 Local & international TV Channels, Free Zuku To Zuku Calls, Free WiFi Router, and a Free Digital TV Decoder.

You can also buy internet only packages if you already have DSTV or GOTV.

Zuku Internet Uganda Prices and speeds range between 10Mbps at UGX 149,000 to 100Mbps at UGX 559,000.

How Do I Pay for Zuku WiFi Internet?

You can pay offline using MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money, CBA Collections (Wananchi Cable Uganda Limited) or use online Debit/Credit card payment.

Keep in mind that Zuku Internet Uganda coverage lacks in some areas.

Feel free to reach out to Zuku customer care at 0200 724 848, Diamond Trust Building 13th Floor Opposite Cham Towers,Kampala Road.

7. MTN Unlimited Data Bundles Uganda

MTN Business & SME Dedicated Internet — Screenshot
MTN Business & SME Dedicated Internet — Screenshot

MTN has the widest internet coverage in Uganda. Wherever you are in Uganda, you are guaranteed to have internet connectivity with a variety of affordable internet bundles to suit your needs. Besides that, MTN has a wide range of smartphones, data dongles, routers, tablets and laptops offering 2G, 3G, and 4G connectivity at the best available speeds.

Whether it is internet for business or personal use, MTN has service centers across the country to get you started.

MTN Uganda monthly data bundles go up to 170GB for UGX 550,000. But let’s keep the discussion to Unlimited data bundles.

When you talk about MTN unlimited data bundles, you have to talk about the MTN for Business internet packages. They include Business Internet, Dedicated Internet, and SME Internet.

MTN Unlimited Data Bundles Uganda

MTN Unlimited Dedicated Internet for Business — Screenshot
MTN Unlimited Dedicated Internet for Business — Screenshot

1. Business & Dedicated Internet

This is dedicated internet for your business delivered via Fiber optic cable. Fiber Optic simply means that it’s Super fast with high bandwidth and high speeds. You can also scale or increase your bandwidth as the need arises. It is also connected via Ethernet and LTE.

The main difference between MTN Business Internet and Dedicated Internet is that MTN Dedicated Internet packages are scalable while Business is fixed.

Tip: Please refer to our last post for more about these terms.

This internet is guaranteed to give you 24/7 access to fast web browsing, online meetings (Webinars), large file transfers, connectivity for your CCTV security or surveillance, connectivity for your cloud applications like Microsoft Drive, Google Drive, WeTransfer, and many more benefits.

By now you are wondering How much is MTN Business Internet costs. Here;

  • Business Lite: UGX 195,000

  • Business Essential: UGX 295,000

Please note that Business Internet and Dedicated Internet have been separated into two different internet packages on the MTN website both under the Business Internet.

2. SME Internet

MTN SME Internet is the fast, unlimited and affordable internet choice for individuals working from home, as well as small and medium sized businesses. If you operate a YouTube channel, video production studio, supermarket, Pharmacy, Trading or consultancy firm, salon, Web Design business, graphics or videography business, this is the right internet connectivity solution that gives you value for your money.

Find the codes for loading MTN Data bundles and Airtime here.


These are some of the Unlimited data bundles in Uganda for you. Remember to look at the previous post for more details on these data bundles and prices for various internet packages.

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