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The Browser, Token, and Wallet. Brave Browser.

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Ads are everywhere, they follow you from site to site, you can’t escape them.

Way over 1000 cookies is what an average person downloads every day.

Do you know what that does to you? When you download a cookie from a website, you will start receiving ads from this website until you clear them.

Let's say you visited my website and I use cookies, personalized user data is collected to help in re-targeting or sending customized advertising. Here is what the cookies collect;

  • Which websites you visit

  • What products you checkout

  • Your purchase habits

  • A lot more

Brave is on a mission to make things a little different. Brave believes that surfing the web should be more private, secure, and fast.

Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. It’s based on Chromium which basically means that you will enjoy a similar look and feel of Chrome, Opera. No surprises in user experience. No confusion in the interface. Easy to navigate.

With over 19 million users and 6.6 million daily users.

What Else makes the Brave browser special?

  • Blocks data grabbing ads and trackers

  • Blocks harmful ads (means faster browsing)

  • More privacy with Tor (hides location, history, IP address…)

  • Rewards tokens BAT for browsing (Brave browser rewards)

  • Contribute to creators (Tipping)

  • Privacy-focused video chat

  • Uses 35% less battery

We are not looking at each and everyone today. But let’s explain a few.

Blocks Ads Automatically

What makes the Brave browser more powerful and preferred browser for most of the time I spend on the internet is that it blocks ads and website trackers, which means faster browsing and more done on the most disruptive websites like news sites, review sites, blogs, and especially video sites like YouTube.

So, if the Brave browser blocks ads, how do I benefit as a content creator? Well, it also provides a way for users to send (tips) contributions in the form of Basic Attention Tokens to websites and content creators using tips.

Note: The Brave browser does not collect or sell your data.

Brave Rewards (Get rewarded for Viewing Privacy-respecting Ads)

Brave rewards screenshot from the Author’s video

The creators of Brave browser have created a cryptocurrency called Basic Attention Token, or BAT, which you can earn by viewing ads and pay forward to creators (content publishers) and sites you love.

Brave browser rewards is a way for you as the person browsing to get rewards for viewing ads right from the browser, it’s optional. If you do not want to earn rewards viewing ads, you will not be bothered. In fact, it’s off by default, however, If you need it, just turn this feature on in settings — Brave rewards.

The more you browse and surf the web with Brave the more you earn BAT.

How the Basic Attention Token Works

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an Ethereum-based token integrated into the privacy-focused web browser, it is designed to improve digital advertising on the web.

How it works is users decide whether to participate in the Brave rewards program, they receive BAT for their attention (viewing ads) from advertisers, which BAT they pass on to their favorite content creators, and so the advertisers, content creators, and users benefit.

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Now some of the other Brave browser features are pretty much similar to the other features you would normally find in other web browsers like Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

Other Brave Browser features

  • Shields (block ads, trackers, cookies)

  • Private windows (hide sites visited, IP address with Tor)

  • Extensions and Plugins (Google chrome extensions/plugins)

  • Search (set default search engines)

  • Address bar (add bookmarks, suggested URLs)

So, what feature of the Brave browser gets you more excited?

For me, it’s the brave rewards, and before we leave today, I want to show you how to get started with the Brave Browser and Brave rewards in 4 simple steps. Let’s get it.

Step 1: Download & Install the Brave Browser — Free

Want to experience the Ads-free browsing, then head over to the Brave browser official website and download the Brave browser to start participating in brave rewards and making the web a better place.

Step 2: Join Brave Rewards (Earn by Viewing privacy-respecting Ads)

When you download, Install and start using the Brave browser, you get to choose whether to participate in brave rewards or not. When you do participate you get paid for viewing privacy-respecting ads every hour depending on the frequency you set in settings under Brave rewards.

However, you will need to have an Uphold account. Uphold is a crypto wallet, that’s where your monthly payment will be sent.

Step 3: Receive Token Tips in BAT (Become a Brave Verified Creator)

Get access to the Brave creator’s dashboard, which allows you to connect your favorite content creation channels like YouTube or Twitter or better yet your own website and also get verified as a Brave creator if you want.

Credit: Brave browser (How Auto-contribute works)

Your followers, readers, and viewers using the Brave browser will be able to send you tips in form of (Basic Attention Tokens) BAT automatically each month in the amount of their choice. Using the little Triangle icon at the right top of the Brave browser. That’s if you a verified Brave creator.

Step 4: Collect Your Tips in the Dashboard

Start collecting your tips or tokens right from your dashboard. You do this by connecting the partner crypto wallet Uphold and verifying Your Account. Uphold helps you to automatically convert the received tokens into a currency (USD, Bitcoin…) of your choice.

So, as you can see the Brave browser has a bigger mission than you ever imagined.

Wait Mugabi, So You mean You Do Not Use other Web browsers?

Of course, I do use other browsers, especially chrome because sometimes I want to learn more about how Google Ads are structured on various sites and YouTube. Because I am a Digital Marketer and I am a lifelong learner always looking to improve my website traffic and as a Content creator looking for ways to monetize my site with AdSense.

Sometimes I use Chrome or Opera when I am interested in viewing ads from my favorite internet pros like Tai Lopez and Billy Gene. Overall, I think I just love watching ads, maybe because of my background in graphic design & 3D.

Let’s talk about the ads part for a little bit.

If you have been using Chrome or any other web browser like Opera or Firefox for your everyday browsing, you have seen these ads everywhere.

Not trying to say ads are good or bad. Ads are essential but sometimes you want an ads-free experience with the content you are viewing on the web, Right? And I have come to learn that the Brave browser is the solution to this.


From ads-free web surfing to blocking data-grabbing and harmful ads, to a more private browsing experience, compared to other browsers, the Brave browser is more than 3x faster and does not use a lot of storage which means less computing power and that makes my work more efficient.

Want to try the Brave Browser? Click here to get started. You can always uninstall it if you do not like it. I bet you will love it.

What is your favorite browser?

Will you switch to Brave today? Why?

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