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Videos and Free Step-by-Step Tutorials

Online Tips & Tricks

My YouTube videos and tutorials have helped many people start a side income or make money online doing affiliate marketing selling other companies products and services. 

As a result of my free training videos, many have learned how to advertise on Facebook and how to promote their Instagram pages. Often I get messages from people looking for help with either getting online or increasing revenue online.

Mugabi Imran Digital Marketer ecommerce specialist Weezy Media Concepts Silverstardigital

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Besides helping Business grow online through professional media buying, building Quality professional websites for clients using Wix, designing content for social media posts and motion graphics using Canva and the Adobe Suite, Mugabi Imran is also a Writer on Medium.


Mugabi writes about growing a business online using digital marketing and online advertising - Meta Ads & Google Ads), as well as Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain technology (Cryptocurrency & NFTs). 

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