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Cinema 4D Adobe Illustrator Crash Course - How to Make 3D Logo from 2D Vector Image

Turn your 2D logo into 3D using Adobe Illustrator and Cinema 4D in this Tutorial.

Learn how to convert any 2D vector logo into a 3D render! We'll use cinema4d to extrude the Illustrator 2d logo into 3D.

This is the perfect starter video course for someone interested in becoming a freelance graphic designer or a small business owner interested in doing their own graphic design and 3D motion graphics. I will give you the essential working tools and resources needed for quick 3D work, even if you need to create something by tomorrow.

You can use Cinema 4D by Maxon to Create 3D animations and visual effects. Learn 3D modeling and character animation, and how to texture and render 3D graphics. This 1-hour Crash course Tutorial in Maxon Cinema 4D provides a comprehensive understanding of how to use the main tools and navigation features of this powerful tool for your daily 3D projects or even becoming a full-time 3D artist.

0:01 Intro

1:00 Sample 3D Projects

3:11 Intro to Cinema 4D Interface

6:40 How to Create Objects in Cinema 4D

13:00 How to create animations in Cinema 4D

21:00 How to create 3D Text in Cinema 4D

23:00 How to navigate the Cinema 4D interface

27:00 Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

29:00 How to Organize Panels in Adobe Illustrator

37:00 How to Create Shapes and Paths in Adobe Illustrator

39:00 How to use the Pathfinder Tool in Adobe Illustrator

45:00 How to use the Type on Path Tool in Adobe Illustrator

55:00 The Alignment Tool in Adobe Illustrator

59:00 How to Import Vector Logo to Cinema 4D from Adobe Illustrator

1:05:01 How to Organize your Objects in Cinema 4D

1:06:01 Preparing your Scene for Animation and Render Output

1:08:01 Creating Materials and Textures in Cinema 4D

1:09:01 Outro

Start with a Cinema 4D Course with LinkedIn Learning to up your 3D skills.

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