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How much does Wix Cost? Wix Website and Business/eCommerce store Pricing Plans

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

When I first thought of getting online back in 2010, I was limited by; first, not knowing how much it really cost to get an online business set up, and second not knowing how to navigate the various website builders that I came across. 

I have always wanted to get online since the early 2000s but it was until early 2013 when I joined the University for an Information Technology degree that I tried to practically get it done. Instead, I ended up learning about HTML, CSS, 2D, and 3D animation in After Effects, Blender, and Cinema 4D

Anyways, so, the first option was GoDaddy, a cool option, good website templates, but I was limited to almost one template. Not many templates to choose from, plus the editor limits you to specific tasks. You can’t move things around as much as you would like.

My second option was WordPress, and that’s when I came across BlueHost for Webhosting. Correct me if I'm wrong but, it seems to me like WordPress doesn’t allow you to purchase a monthly plan. And for people like me who get just above $100 monthly salary, after the landlord’s share, there is not much left to invest $100 on a website which you are not sure will bring any return, especially if you know nothing about Digital Marketing.

That’s when I discovered Wix and how you can launch your online business for as low as $4.50 per month. In fact, that was my first time to believe the refund thing. I purchased the $4.50 plan just to see what Wix looked like, and requested a refund after failing to design the website. 2019 was big for me.

I tried Shopify spending $39 per month for a while trying to learn dropshipping with Orbelo and Aliexpress, that’s when I discovered Alidropship and Alibaba

Shopify has some cool templates too, I had a beautiful website, but I didn’t know anything about internet marketing for a product or an eCommerce store. I didn’t know S.E.O (search engine optimization), Google Ads, or even Facebook Ads, and that’s when I started learning Digital Marketing starting with Facebook Ads

Ever asked yourself how much it really costs to start your online venture?

This is for you if you have been looking for the cheapest option to launch your online business or eCommerce store.

We are going to talk about Wix, you should know Wix by now. It’s a *Free website builder that gives you the freedom to design your website however you want it by using their powerful drag and drop editor. I have made a couple of videos and posts about how to create a website with Wix and even how to connect your Facebook pixel to trigger retargeting ads.

There are several sites with way more detailed reviews out there…like this one from Websitebuilderexpert, Wix pricing by Sitebuilderreport,, etc.

Anyways, so, by the end of this reading, you will know exactly which plan is the best fit for you and your business depending on your needs and budget. 

You might wonder why we are going to talk about pricing plans yet I just said that Wix is a *Free website builder, well, that’s exactly why you should read on, so you can discover the difference between the free and paid Wix plans.

Let’s talk about the *Free plan for a moment.

This is for you if you want to learn more about Wix, it allows you to create a highly customized professional free website without paying a dollar or shilling. However, Wix will display brand ads on your website and you will not be able to connect your own domain name like “”, .net, .biz, .roc, etc… instead it will look like this “”. Not pretty, right? Especially not for a business.

Plus your storage will be limited to 500MB Storage and 500MB bandwidth, think of bandwidth as your RAM on the phone or computer. The more media you have on your website, the more bandwidth you will need to keep the website visitors happy, not frustrated with a slow response.

Now that you know about the Free Wix plan, don’t you think we should move on to the priced plans? 

What is Included in Premium Plans?

There are basically Two Categories of premium pricing plans that Wix has to offer, Website Plans and Business plans also known as eCommerce plans. Under each category, there are different options depending on your requirements and not forgetting your budget too. 

Don’t worry, you have a 14-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like where you put your money…plus, your payment is secure and safe, and the auto-renewal of your yearly or monthly subscription can be disabled at any time through your account.

Website Plans

1. Connect Domain — Most Basic ($4.50 per month = $45.72 per year)

Alright, that brings us to the first pricing plan, “Connect Domain”. Keeping in mind that the Free plan allows you to create and customize your website. This plan allows you to move a step further, connect your own personalized domain name. Which means no more “” but “”. Plus another 500MB bandwidth which makes it 1GB bandwidth.

2. Combo — For Personal Use ($8.50 per month = $102 per year)

For those of you that want to start a blog, showcase your work in an online portfolio, especially for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs, the Combo plan would be a great option to get you started. 

Personal use, which means Wix brand ads are not displayed on your website anymore.

With up to 3GB Storage and 2GB bandwidth, you can connect your personalized domain which is added for free if you purchase a yearly plan for $102. You will have to purchase the domain name anyway.

Another cool thing about the Combo plan is video upload, up to 30 Video minutes. Embedded videos are not considered/not included in the 30 minutes.

3. Unlimited — Entrepreneurs & Freelancers ($12.5 per month = $150 per year)

What’s this bandwidth thing anyway? 

No worries about the bandwidth thing anymore, why? Because with the Unlimited Wix plan, the bandwidth is unlimited, which means whatever the number of visitors you get on your website, everything will still move smoothly. No more bandwidth talk too, moving forward, because the rest of the plans have unlimited bandwidth.

What about storage? Well, you now have 10GB storage with an unlimited plan. This means you can store more music/mp3 audio, more videos and images, and other files to your Wix website.

Additional 30 minutes of video, which makes it 1 hour of video, plus a site booster app, which helps you easily create a business listing on Google and other business directories (valued at $60), and a visitor analytics app, that will give you insights on your visitors and help you discover your most visited pages to make sure your site is optimized (also valued at $60).

4. VIP — First Priority Support ($24.5 per month = $294 per year)

Do you still want more? Okay, here is another 10GB storage, which makes it 20GB storage, another hour of video making it 2 Video Hours

Plus, get your answers fast, if you have any. With priority support, your questions are given top priority and your support calls are put through quickly, to ensure exclusive VIP support.

Another additional feature and benefit is the free Wix logo maker, which allows you to create free and professional logos for your business or brand (Valued at $50). You get commercial rights for these logos, and the appropriate file types needed like PDF, PNG, or JPG.

You also get additional social media files with this package. For example, you get more than 30 variations of your logo ready for your social media.

What is included in the Website plans?

Great stuff so far, right? I have to admit, there is a lot of great stuff you get just by purchasing one of the premium plans we have seen so far. I mean with unlimited bandwidth, up to 20GB storage, free domain and hosting, free logo maker, what else would I need from a website builder?

Well, there is one thing that is not included in the Website Plans category, which is the ability to accept online payments. The ability to take bookings from your website. And I am pretty sure you want to be able to sell some of your stuff, products, or services online, right?

This brings us to the Business plans also known as eCommerce plans.

Business & eCommerce Plans

1. Business Basic — Accept Online Payments ($17 per month = $204 per year)

Want customers and clients to start paying you online at checkout?

The difference between the website plans and business plans is the ability to accept payments. Other additional features include, for the “Business Basic” in particular, additional 3 video hours which makes it 5 Video Hours.

2. Business Unlimited — Grow Your Business ($25 per month = $300 per year)

In addition to accepting online payments, an additional 5 video hours makes it 10 Video Hours, the Business unlimited plan includes 35GB storage allowing you to grow your business with more space for more videos, images, and mp3 audio for your podcasts.

Pro eCommerce features, allow you to grow your business with subscriptions, automated sales tax, currency conversion if you are selling in different countries, marketplace integrations, for example, the ability to connect your Amazon associates account to your Wix site to sell Amazon products and also connect other eCommerce marketplaces like eBay to sell your products from your Wix site, plus so much more.

3. Business VIP — Get the Full Suite ($35 per month = $420 per year)

Upload even more videos with Unlimited video hours, and 50GB storage, not forgetting the pro eCommerce features with eCommerce marketplaces integrated into your Wix site.

Just like in the (4. VIP — First Priority Support) plan, with first priority support, where you get your questions and support calls put through quickly, to ensure exclusive VIP support, the Business VIP is not much different.

The marketing capabilities of Wix are so high. First of all the S.E.O Wiz helps you set up your website for free organic traffic by helping you choose the right keywords.

Integrations like Google Ads, the Facebook pixel, social media posts, the Wix app marketplace, and eCommerce marketplaces, also make marketing more manageable.

Here is What is included in Most Business Plans.

Support is not limited to premium plans, in fact, Wix has all, or at least most of the answers to most if not all the questions that you might have about getting your work, portfolio, business or shop online using Wix.

Accepting payments includes a PayPal button at the checkout, however, you can disable it if you want…plus you can add or remove or update your shipping options and returns info very easily.


Let’s end this with a true story about my online journey.

By the way, if you want to get your business online, learn how to purchase a domain name, and launch your online business with a custom name. The Get Online Course is your answer. It is a step by step guide on how to get a business online.

You are familiar with the Hustle theory of doing things from point B to point A instead of following the rules of moving from point A to point B, right?

Anyway, I hope this inspires you to launch your online journey today and right now. The best time to start your online business was yesterday. But you are not too late if you take action now. In fact, better late than never.

Hoping to see you online. I appreciate you taking the time to check this out.

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