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16 Business Management Tools Every Business Needs. Introducing you to Ascend by Wix

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Wix gives you the freedom to create a website with full control. Plus customization is very easy, especially if you can move the mouse, drag and drop, and click. The drag-and-drop features allow you to add anything to your websites like documents, images, or videos and customize your site with no coding skills needed.

If you know how to move and click the mouse, all you need to do to create your beautiful free website is choose from hundreds (over 500 designer-made collections of professional-looking templates) and customize it by adding your information and content.

Wix pricing plans are monthly and yearly basis and they are affordable.

I think it’s a perfect choice for non-designers and non-tech entrepreneurs with a low budget for websites and online stores but still want to make money online.

It’s also a great choice for individuals and freelancers with no products to sell doing affiliate marketing for other companies and services for commission.

Wix also provides cloud-based web development services for Web developers and programmers for even more customizable sites with high-end needs and web applications.

What is Ascend by Wix?

Ascend by Wix is a complete business suite with professional marketing and customer management tools.

It’s intended to help businesses grow online and increase revenue by getting more traffic (website visitors), create invoices, and close deals while building a community of loyal customers.

With a suite of email marketing automation and other business marketing tools to help you get your business online or grow and expand an already existing one, Ascend by Wix is the way to go.

Wix offers four different Ascend plans including the Free plan, Basic, Professional, and Unlimited plan which by the way, you can get for free when you reach the Pioneer level in the Wix partner program.

The price for Ascend by Wix plans varies from $10 to $49 per month. And with the Wix mobile app, you can manage your business and communicate with your customers on the go on a mobile device.

Ascend by Wix Marketing Tools

1. Get more Website Visitors

  • Up your marketing game with targeted campaigns using Integrations like Facebook, Google Analytics, MailChimp or Zapier

  • Make your site visible in search with a built-in suite of SEO tools

  • Keep your customers engaged with the Social post and Videomaker apps

2. Lead Capturing

  • Live Website chat(Make more sales by sharing products right from chat)

  • Wix forms(Use custom forms to request payments and feedback)

3. Invoice Generation and Deal Closing

  • Automatically convert pricing quotes into invoices

  • Request, accept, and track payments right from your Wix dashboard

  • Discount coupon generator for first-time clients and return buyers

4. Gain Customer loyalty and Grow your Community

  • Turn subscribers into paying customers with Email marketing

  • Membership plans boost return sales from return visitors

  • Automated responses save time and boost productivity

5. Easily Manage Your Business with Pro Features

  • Inbox sync with Gmail and Facebook for multi-channel communication

  • Build and manage your mailing list from your dashboard

  • Workflows to help your team visualize what needs to be done

  • Use Tasks and reminders on desktop and mobile. Don’t forget a thing.

Wix SEO Tools

1. Getting more Website Visitors

Wix makes it super easy to index your website in the Google search engines and make it visible in seconds thanks to the Wix SEO Wizard. This comes along with a powerful suite of SEO tools for a customized quick and easy setup.

If you don’t know about S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization), it means efforts intended to make your website content visible in search. It is an ongoing process not a set-and-forget kind of thing.

You basically do some research on the keywords your target audience will be using to search for your content and optimize your website content and video marketing strategy for those keywords.

2. Social Media Posts

Being an entrepreneur leaves you with little to no time for things outside your business, that is why if you want to create content for your social media channels or website, you will need to hire a lot of designers to do the work which means a lot of money.

Okay, not a lot. Especially with all these freelance marketplaces and service platforms like Fiverr, UpWork, or LinkedIn.

With the Wix Social media post creator, you don’t have to worry about all that, all you need to do is choose a template, edit it and post directly to your page from Wix. You need to have the Facebook pixel and page connected.

The Wix Videomaker tool is one of the simplest tools for creating promo videos, YouTube intros, and social media ads.

It’s also the powerful Marketing integrations such as the Google Tag Manager, and the Facebook pixel that makes the whole Ascend business marketing in Wix too awesome.

Once you connect your Wix website to Facebook via the Facebook pixel and Google using the Google Tag Manager, you can view and manage your online business all in one place.

You can also integrate the tools individually. From the Wix marketing integrations on Marketing Home from your dashboard.

You can connect tools like Google Ads to reach more people online and grow your business, Google Analytics to monitor and measure results, Google MyBusiness, and Google AdSense if you want to earn money on your content.

Google pays for clicks you get on the ads placed on your website, to start to visit the Google AdSense website and get a code to paste it on your website. Ads start showing instantly.

3. Captures Leads

One of my favorite tools is the Wix Forms. You can use Wix forms to collect contact information from your online customers and potential clients, get feedback on your product demo, take surveys, and take payments.

Use forms to turn website visitors into leads and customers.

Talking about leads, the Wix Live Chat helps you collect leads via customizable forms within the live chat. It allows you to share products with website visitors, answer their questions, and turn website visitors into leads.

4. Close Deals

I always tell my clients that Wix is not just a website builder, it’s more than just creating an online store, I always tell them having a Wix website is having a functioning online business.

One that is not limited to working hours.

If you have tried creating an online store before or any other online business, you have tried at least 3 software tools to help you create invoices. Wix has an inbuilt invoice generator that syncs with your website records and reportings.

This is what makes Wix real cool, it’s an all-in-one platform for developers, freelancers, and agencies.

First the ability to create a website with ease without learning how to code or need to be techy, and most importantly making all the business management and customer relationship tools available in one place.

Closing deals sometimes requires sending Pricing quotes, just look for ‘Price quotes’ on your dashboard and enter the name of the person to receive the pricing quote.

Accepted quotes are automatically converted into invoices.

Your customers can shop late in the night or early in the morning at their convenience and won’t have to worry about your opening and closing hours.

I believe so far, you have some clue on what services and solutions you will get with Ascend by Wix.

A detailed table of the whole Ascend by Wix pricing plans will give you a clear picture of how much you can invest and what you will get with each plan.

Wix Drip Campaigns and Automations

5. Gain Customer Loyalty

To help you build a community and a loyal base of customers, Ascend by Wix has ready-made Automations that you just need to activate, start conversations and keep the communication going on with your customers even when you are offline.

Talking about keeping in touch, with Email marketing tools in Ascend by Wix, you can easily create and launch drip campaigns or email marketing campaigns. Like the ones, you receive from your favorite online magazine after subscribing from their website.

If you don’t have an email list (list of contact information for your customers/potential clients), one of the things you can do is set an exit pop-up on your website with a valuable offer to your website visitors. You can use tools like Hello bar co-founded by Neil Patel or a Lightbox in Wix's website editor.

Use memberships to boost return sales. With membership plans and subscriptions in Wix, you can collect recurring payments for premium business sites.

Online Programs allow you to create online classes and offer them for free or for a monthly plan.

Bonus: Manage Your Business like a Pro

Manage your business on the go with the Wix Owner mobile app and create a smooth user experience and beautiful designs with the Spaces by Wix members app.

Use the Inbox on the Wix dashboard to manage your communication with new and returning customers. Inbox is also where you see your conversations from the live website chat.

Build your contact list by easily sending invites to your contacts right from your mobile phone to join you on the Spaces by Wix app for faster blog reading or quick questions and manage your contact list using Contacts.

Never forget a thing you were working on, set reminders using the Tasks and Reminders on the Wix dashboard.

You can even take it further and use Workflows to customize the way your leads are brought in and what happens thereafter. Use Workflows to visualize to your team the whole process.


One other cool benefit for upgrading your Ascend by Wix is the ability to schedule your emails so your message is sent at the right time.

Ascend by Wix gives you advanced business management tools for efficiency, it’s a suite of marketing and customer management tools built into your Wix site dashboard. Each tool works together to help your website get seen, increase site traffic, build your contact list by capturing more leads and increase your revenue by helping you close more deals and boost customer loyalty.

Did I mention, I have a free training course to help you get familiar with the Wix dashboard and the Wix website builder? You can check it out here.

Don’t forget to download the free PDF guide to getting your business online.

I would love what you do with the Ascend by Wix business marketing tools.

Leave a comment on what your favorite Wix Ascend tool is and Why.

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