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Jumia Affiliate Marketing Program — The Jumia (KOL) Key Opinion Leader

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Did you know that Jumia has an Affiliate marketing program?

Just like the Amazon associates program where you can just link to product pages and when people buy through your affiliate links you get rewarded a commission depending on your category.

Today, You will learn how to use Jumia Kol (Jumia Affiliate marketing program) to create affiliate custom links to share on your social media and make money online with Jumia. Affiliate marketing knowledge is good to have to participate in this program. You can learn all you need to know using online learning or check out YouTube for Free video tutorials.

What is Jumia KOL?

The Jumia KOL (Key Opinion Leader) program allows you to easily sign up and start earning by advertising Jumia products through sharing special links with your social media following.

Using a website in this case I think would be the best option. This is because you can link several categories and also benefit from free and quality organic website traffic using Search Engine Optimization via Google search, and other blogs within your industry with authority backlinking to your website.

Whatever option you choose, be sure to learn more about Digital marketing to help you get more familiar with terms like social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing, Facebook advertising, copywriting, and how they can help you in growing your Affiliate marketing business.

To create your Jumia affiliate links from your KOL account, just go to Advertising on your dashboard and choose from one of the two options;

  1. Offer Links — Generate links to the Jumia App or special category pages

  2. Custom Links — Send traffic to specific product pages on Jumia mall

How it works

As a Jumia Affiliate or as a Key Opinion Leader, you will be advertising your own choice of the Jumia products using unique links.

This is where a Facebook or WhatsApp group comes in handy, being an Influencer too, would help a lot. You might also be a Content Creator, Blogger, or website owner with space to monetize and make extra cash a month from referrals.

You can earn a commission of up to 9% on various categories in the Jumia online shopping mall depending on the successfully delivered orders.

Why Join the Jumia Affiliate Marketing Program (KOL)?

  • Promote a wide range of over 50,000 products.

  • Create custom links to specific product pages or special categories

  • Download affiliate resources like banners to use in your blog or website

  • Secure and quick payment methods

  • Quality and professional ready support team

How to Join the Jumia KOL

Visit the Jumia Kol website and click Sign Up Now to fill in the form with your names, email address, promotion means (Website link), create a password, choose your country, and accept the agreement to register.

Once you click on the Register button, you will land on the dashboard where you can access the advertising tools and the help and support center in case you need any questions answered.

2 Types of KOL Affiliate Links

To get started creating your Affiliate links, Click Advertising from the top left just below the Jumi logo and choose whether you want to create Custom links or choose from already generated Offer links.

Here is the difference between the two types of links;

  1. Offer Links — Use this to create links to the Jumia mobile App and Top shopping categories like Men’s Clothing, Mobiel, Perfumes, Computing, or TV and Audio. I think this is good for influencers, App owners, Bloggers with some copywriting skills.

  2. Custom Links — Use this to link to specific product pages, and special offers. Best for eCommerce website owners, social media groups, and affiliates.

How you Get Paid

You get paid via direct transfer to your bank or using other available options depending on your Country. However, you need to know that there is a threshold (about Ush 50,000) you are required to hit before your commission can be released.

Promoting your Affiliate Links

If you don’t have a huge social media following yet, there are many ways you can build a following including posting often on your social media. It can be Instagram, YouTube, or a website. You can also use other digital marketing tricks such as SEO to increase organic traffic to your website and make more money with little to no advertising at all.


Lastly, it’s your time to shine. If you already have a social media following but didn’t know about this cool and easy way to earn from referring Jumia products to your audience, there you have it.

You are recommended to check out the How to Build a Website post to learn more about how to use a blog in your affiliate marketing business.

With that, I hope this was helpful. Especially if you have been looking for ways to make money online working from home on your mobile phone or laptop. This is just one of the ways of making money on Jumia. In the last videos and a few articles on our website, you will learn more about the various business opportunities Jumia offers in Uganda and around Africa.

Have you been doing Affiliate Marketing with Jumia KOL?

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