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How To Register To Sell Your Products Sell on Jumia- The Number One Online Marketplace in Africa.

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

The Fastest and easiest way to make more sales for your physical store is to register with Jumia and list your products for sale on the Jumia marketplace.

Have you ever asked yourself where Jumia gets more than 50,000 products they sell on their website? Well, they actually source them from the brand owners themselves. But do you know where else?

That’s right, from the individual sellers like you or your Boss that owns a physical store in your local area.

The Best part of it all is that it’s actually free to register your online store on Jumia and start selling right away. I guess you have already been wondering how much it costs to sell on Jumia.

Jumia is the largest African online marketplace for electronics, and fashion among others targeting several African countries. Jumia is also a vendor community and a network of sellers, and a logistics service company that enables the shipment and delivery of packages from sellers and the Jumia warehouse to consumers all over Uganda and beyond.

Sourcing from international brands and local distributors does not only create the widest range of products and variety for consumers to choose from but also creates a very huge opportunity for anyone wanting to sell on Jumia.

If you can’t figure out how to create a website or how to market your products on social media on your own, at least let Jumia do it for you for free.

With over 35 million visitors per month and 225,000 customers. In 2018, Jumia Friday sales reached over 794,000.

Today, let me help you get your business online with Jumia and start selling while you are not selling. I mean let Jumia do the online marketing and selling for you and concentrate on managing the business.

Let’s look at what you need. Besides being 18 years or oldder.

5 Things You Will Need to Start Selling on Jumia

  • Laptop/Desktop and/or Smartphone

  • Email Address (Learn how to create an email address)

  • Phone Number (preferably MTN registered on Mobile Money)

  • Your Company registration (Address) information and related documents

  • Bank details (For your payment)

Again, it’s free to register and open your online store on Jumia. It’s also simple to upload your products so you can start selling today.

However, for each sale you make, Jumia will charge you a fee depending on the delivery method you choose while placing the orders and the category of your products. Download the grid to learn more.

8 Benefits of Becoming a Jumia Vendor (Selling on Jumia)

  • Set up a free online store and start selling online 24/7

  • Get free training and support on how to market your products online

  • Easily keep track of your inventory and update your listings

  • Easily manage and track your orders on the platform

  • Enjoy free promotional campaigns by Jumia

  • Efficiently monitor your seller performance using your dashboard metrics

  • Let Jumia handle your shipping and customer service for you

  • Show your products to millions of customers already on Jumia.

What You Can Sell on Jumia?

  • Fashion — Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion, Baby’s wear

  • Beauty & Perfumes

  • Mobile Phones & Mobile Accessories

  • Tablets & Tablet Accessories

  • Computing — Laptops, Computer Accessories, Desktop, Printers, Softwares, Scanners & Photocopiers, Networking Accessories

  • TV, Audio & Video — Televisions, Cameras, Blu Ray & DVD players

  • Home & Office — Office Furniture, and other essentials

  • Kitchen & Dining

  • Games & Consoles — PC, PS4, and Xbox games and accessories

  • Wedding Shop

  • Baby, Kids & Toys

  • Sports, Health & Fitness

What You Can’t Sell on Jumia

Well, Jumia has rules (Terms and Conditions), just like you. You have things you don’t sell in your shop. Let’s look at some of the categories that are prohibited on Jumia.

  • Weapons — Firearms, panga, tear gas, and any military graded equipment

  • Medical Items — Prescribed and over the counter drugs, chemicals

  • Adult Toys — Not too explicit, obscene and must be discrete

  • Pirated Publications — Fake currency, all software that is illegal

  • Tobacco/Cigarettes — Including e-juices of vapor that contain nicotine

The Sell and Do Not sell list goes on. Feel free to review it including the commission charged on each sale depending on the category on the Sell Online on Jumia landing page.

Ready to Get Started Selling On Jumia?

If you are ready to start selling online for free, let’s begin by registering. Remember, after completing the registration, you will be trained on everything you need to know to get your first sale from the basics of selling online to packaging, operations, marketing, and most importantly, sales.

Jumia has experts that are there just to guide new sellers through the whole process of setting up the online store to selling and more.

Whether you want to become your own boss and start working from home online or looking for a side hustle while keeping your day job, Selling on Jumia is a huge opportunity that you need to consider.

Step 1: Give Your Shop a Name and Create a Password

The first thing you will be asked to do while registering to sell on Jumia is to give your shop a name, this name will appear all over the marketplace platform. This should be your business or your brand name.

You will also be required to add the account manager’s contact information including their email address and of course, accept the terms and conditions before you can continue to the next step, which is adding your business info.

Step 2: Add Your Business Information (TAX and ID)

After setting up your account manager’s details and your login details, you will need to let Jumia know whether you are registered to pay VAT (Value Added Tax) or any other taxes as indicated or enforced by your country.

If you are in Uganda and you don’t have a Tax certificate yet, visit this website.

You will also need to have your national ID or your Boss’s ID if you are the one helping them set up their online store with Jumia. Feel free to skip through some of these, but keep in mind that the more useful information you give to Jumia, the faster they will be able to help you set up your online business.

Step 3: Add Your Payment Method (Bank Details)

Lastly in the registering to sell on Jumia process, is adding your payment method. There are various ways you can get paid for your sales depending on your country. In Uganda, you will need an MTN Mobile Money Registered number, probably registered to your business name. Then Click ‘Continue’.

The next step now is confirming your email address, adding your products and once your products are approved, you can start marketing/making sales.

Today we have looked at registering to start selling on Jumia. Next, you are recommended to join the New Jumia seller’s free training that will help you become an e-commerce expert.

To learn more about how to use the Jumia Seller center via the Jumia Vendor Hub.

Note that we have only looked at registering to start selling. The next step now is adding your products and once your products are approved, you can start marketing and making sales.


There you go, a chance to reach more than 100,000 potential customers for free using the Jumia Online Marketplace. By the way, if you are in Africa or the rest of Europe, wherever, and want to make money online, feel free to check out the other eCommerce marketplaces for Affiliate marketers, online store owners, and businesses.

I have had friends from Uganda to Kenya wanting to start selling online rent-free hope this helps you all get started. I understand there is so much stuff we haven’t covered, the first being placing your orders as a Seller.

Keep in mind that once you register, you get access to free training and support to help you get your online store up and running in no time.

If you don’t have what to sell on but still want to make money online with Jumia, consider becoming a Jumia Sales Consultant. Join the JForce and start earning cash by placing orders for friends and family.

And if you are already a JForce member who needs support selling more online, Join my team to get free marketing support.

What challenges have you found selling on Jumia?

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